Who's using SparkleText in their pages? (Thanks to Alta Vista)

SparkleText was one of my first Java applets written using the Linux Java Development Kit. Pretty simple stuff, really, but I think it gives a nice effect.

New in Version 1.1

SparkleText Params:
  • text - The text to be displayed.
  • url - An optional URL to jump to if applet is selected.
  • fontname - Name of font to use (ie. Courier, Helvetica, etc.) TimesRoman is default.
  • fontstyle - Style of font. Either PLAIN, BOLD (default), or ITALIC.
  • fontsize - Point size of font (default is 36).
  • textcolor - Color text is displayed in (default is red).
  • backgroundcolor - Background color of applet (default is gray).
  • sparklecolor - Color of sparkle (default is yellow).
  • maxpause - Maximum length of time (in milliseconds) to pause between sparkles (default is 4000).
  • minpause - Minimum length of time (in milliseconds) to pause between sparkles (default is 500).
  • sparklepause - Length of time (in milliseconds) to pause between the various frames in the sparkle (default is 150).

  • SparkleText is made freely available. All I ask is that you mail me if you use it in your page(s).

    Download SparkleText 1.1 (stored in ZIP format).

    Download SparkleText 1.1 (stored in GZIP'd TAR format).

    See Source Code.

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